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Money & Psychology

Everyone has behavioral tendencies and emotional drivers surrounding money matters. 

To fully understand your relationship with your money, we have incorporated into our financial planning services, a very brief on-line assessment called Motivated Asset Pattern (MAP)*.  Once completed, a report displays which of the 8 money motives (control, growth, peace, prestige, security, simplicity, spontaneity, and virtue) most affect your financial decisions.  There are no good or bad money motives, they simply help us identify your money personality strengths and weaknesses, allowing us to help you integrate mindful habits around money matters. 

Our wish is for you to feel well balanced and aligned with your money values so that you might achieve greater wealth and fulfilling happiness.





*The MAP assessment was created by Susan Zimmerman, a licensed family therapist and former financial planner. As part of her training, she taught the AJW team how to interpret the MAP report and integrate the results into our client’s financial plans.