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Resources for the Times

May 10, 2020
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We are certainly in the midst of trying times right now. Between the stay at home orders, employment cutbacks/layoffs, and a whole lot of economic turmoil, there is a LOT going on. As you adjust to this new reality, we wanted to provide a few resources that could be useful in the days/weeks/months ahead:

Elevate Your Kitchen Game

Restaurant options have been severely diminished. Hours of operation have been reduced, and some places are closed altogether. Creativity with meal options may be waning for some. This is where The Defined Dish quarantine meal plans come into play. For those that are unaware, Alex Snodgrass, who is the brains behind this great website, is a Texas stay at home mom of two girls, who focuses on creative, healthy meals, many of which are Paleo/Whole30 friendly. As stay at home and quarantining started to affect more and more states, Alex came up with a weekly meal plan for people. These meal plans include a categorized grocery list that you can take when you are shopping, and a lot of delicious meal options. There are three weeks of quarantine meal plans so far, and I’m excited to see what week #4 will bring. I can’t recommend this meal plan, or website, enough, for simple, tasty meal options.

Fueled Up

Falling stock prices are certainly no fun. Falling gas prices? Now that’s a different story. Understanding why gas prices can vary so much over a relatively short distance is something that I still don’t completely get, even after visiting multiple websites that try and shed light on the subject. What I do get, is my Gas Buddy. Gas Buddy is a free website that shows where the cheapest gas prices are in just about any city/county/state in the US. Living in St Paul, I have noticed a HUGE gap in prices vs the surrounding area. I’m currently driving 10 minutes, to a part of the metro that has gas 65 cents a gallon cheaper than the gas stations down the street from me. With less cars on the road and less time outside, it’s even easier to justify the trip. I’m saving almost ten dollars when filling up a near empty tank, even when adjusting for the half gallon of gas I “waste” by driving further to get it.

 The Power Of The Dollar

With so many businesses closed, a lot of people’s discretionary spending has been temporarily forced out of their budgets. Even something considered essential to many (the gym), has stopped billing customers. Whether you are still getting a regular paycheck, or your employment has been reduced/eliminated, now is a good time to take a close look at your monthly spending, and maybe even add a few extra $$$ to savingsThis article from does a great job of providing helpful reminders and recommendations, regardless of your current situation.