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Financial Planning
All financial plans created at AJW are tailored to each individual’s goals, situations and needs. At your initial consultation, we will collect the information and documentation we need to create a specific financial plan for you. We will monitor your plan’s progress at your review meetings, which will also allow appropriate adjustments to be made to your financial plan to adapt to life’s various events, changing needs and goals.

Investment Management
At AJW, we offer a full range of investment management services. As our client, we work with you to determine your investment objectives, attitudes and risk tolerance to create the best asset allocation for your unique needs and goals. Our objective is to develop an investment strategy that contains appropriate securities to provide you with a low-cost, diversified portfolio that performs well over time. We also value educating our clients, so you can play an active and informed role in your financial success.

Retirement Planning
We all dream about retiring when we want and in the way that we want. That dream can come true by careful financial planning for your future retirement. To meet your retirement goals, we look at the income you need or desire to retire, withdrawal rates, impact of social security and the adequacy of current savings and returns. After a consultation, we put together a financial plan according to these factors and your goals, to pursue a comfortable retirement.

Financial Coaching
Making good financial decisions is extremely important to accomplishing your long-term goals. By helping you better understand your behavior, make more rational decisions and implement actionable ideas when financial stresses arise (e.g. stock market downturns, debt, loss of a job), we help you avoid making mistakes with your money and make better long-term choices.

Cash Flow/Budgeting
Do you know where your money is going and how much you’re spending each month? How much do you save monthly? Are you spending more than you make? The starting point to develop a sound financial plan is to know where your money goes each month. We have the technology and tools to help you manage your monthly spending and establish how much you need to save in order to attain your goals.

Tax Planning
Taking into consideration all of the new tax law changes year after year, it is important to be on top of your tax planning. It is crucial to understand the tax impacts of your investments, real estate, and financial transactions to make the best decisions. We provide you with tax-efficient investment strategies (e.g. appropriate contributions to retirement accounts, charitable contributions, stock option exercise strategies, etc.) tailored to your financial goals and values.

Estate Planning
At AJW, we work with estate attorneys to ensure that your assets will be passed on to your heirs in an efficient manner, as well as help to design an estate plan that will achieve your lifetime gifting and philanthropic goals. We will help you to make sure your will, trust, powers of attorney, health care directive, and beneficiary designations are updated and consistent with your goals.

Risk Management
Having insurance is essential to your financial health. In the blink of an eye, an accident, health problem, or property loss can significantly burden you and your family financially. AJW will help determine the kinds and amount of affordable insurance that you will need to protect your assets as well as your loved ones. We will review your situation to evaluate long-term care needs, as well as income replacement, surviving spouse income and disability coverage needs. Assessing your risk exposure for homeowner and automobile coverage needed to protect your financial health is also all part of an intelligent, proactive financial plan.

Education Funding
It’s never too early to establish funding for your child’s future education. We will help you get a head start, allowing your money more time to grow and more time to weather the market’s ups and downs. Our services incorporate funding requirements, selecting appropriate funding vehicles, evaluating plans, and determining funding options (e.g. Educational IRA’s, 529 Plans).

Charitable Giving
Philanthropy is a great way to achieve self satisfaction and contentment, as well as a good way to reduce the tax burden on you. At AJW, we help define a charitable giving plan that fits with your overall investment strategy.