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Financial Advice After Divorce

Going through a divorce is hard enough; you want to get back on your feet as quickly as possible without another series of hurdles and roadblocks. Although many people will experience a divorce in their lifetime, few are prepared for all the details that need to be handled after the divorce settlement is in place, to restore your confidence and independence. In an ideal world, you’d just plow through those details, but the emotional landscape of your divorce may cloud your next steps: you could feel confused, angry, upset, lost or maybe you’re already eager to move on and create a new life for yourself.

Divorce Aftercare Financial Guide


Now that your divorce settlement is in place, it’s time to get back on your financial feet. AJW Financial, Inc. can guide you through all the steps you’ll need to regain your financial self-confidence and take firm control of your financial future.

Below are the milestones to reach that goal:

  • Celebrate Freedom
  • Get Organized
  • Announce Your Independence
  • Own Your Assets
  • Split Company Retirement
  • Create Cash Flow
  • Get Some Help
  • Educate Yourself
  • Assess Insurance
  • Plan for Tax Change
  • Protect Your Estate
  • Keep Your Credit
  • Strengthen Your Household

Our two books were written to assist you in reaching the milestones above. 

We also offer educational workshops, click here to see the calendar of upcoming events. If you would like to register, click on the link and it will walk you through the registration process.

Feel free to call the office and set up an appointment, to see if AJW is a good fit to work with you post-divorce in your financial planning needs.

Embarking on a new life post-divorce is an interesting process, to put it mildly. For some it’s an invigorating journey; for others, it’s a bit more of a trudge, but whatever your thoughts, you’re definitely headed for roads untraveled. Remember, it’s time to embrace life on your terms!

To purchase your hard copy, please contact our office at 952-405-2000. For Kindle versions, please click the links below:

Ultimate Women's Guide to THRIVE after Divorce

Ultimate Financial Guide to THRIVE After Divorce