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Divorce Financially is our website focused solely on the divorce services provided by our AJW team. 

Serving families and individuals, our experienced and nationally recognized team helps navigate the divorce process through:

  • Mediation—We work with you and your spouse in an interest-based negotiation process to help solve the financial issues of divorce.
  • Collaborative Divorce—We can serve as the neutral financial professional in your Collaborative Divorce process and are among the most experienced in Minnesota.
  • Individual Support—We provide a view of various settlement options to help you chart the course that best meets your life and financial goals.

We are unique because we are financial advisors who have earned top designations and certifications. Most of the decisions that you will make in your divorce process may be financial decisions. As financial planners and divorce  financial professionals, we bring experience and perspective to help you and your family work through the financial issues of your divorce. 

Check out our website at to learn more about us and to schedule a FREE virtual consultation.