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Our Values

We are always objective and fair.
We communicate and present information that addresses your distinct concerns and leads to a balanced and agreeable outcome. This careful and logical approach, backed up with data, keeps you calm and focused to make thoughtful and sensible financial decisions for your future.

We offer clarity to understand your money.
Our team sorts through the overwhelming amount of information that may come at you during a time of transition then prioritizes and presents it in bite-sized facts and steps that you can understand. This allows you to act upon each piece with confidence and focus on what’s most important through each stage of life.

We give you freedom from worry.
We provide an environment for you to explore options, change your minds and personalize your portfolio over time. You can feel comfortable discussing any questions, surprises or changes that come at you, so each answer and solution is timely and has a truly positive impact on your life.

We are your shoulder to lean on.
You can be yourself with us, and that’s when we really get down to the raw truth of your situation. By knowing that you can trust us with your life, we are able to make a huge difference. It’s really about working with you, not just telling you what to do and saying, ‘good luck.’ You are not alone.

We provide simplicity for now and later.
If you want an advisor who acts like a coach, a helper and counselor, who talks you through the rough patches in life — or is just there to answer a simple question with simple advice — AJW is that comfortable place to turn.