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Divorce Planning Services

You deserve the best. Wise financial planning in divorce is one of the most important investments you’ll make in yourself and your future.

AJW Financial, Inc. is a separate business created to serve the needs of individuals going through divorce. The team at AJW Financial, Inc. believes so much in the importance of sound financial guidance for our divorcing clients that our team includes Certified Divorce Financial Analysts. We achieved this certification to help ensure that your needs now and after divorce are heard, assessed properly and explained for a fair and worry-free outcome.

Our objective approach allows you to choose from three areas of divorce planning services:

  • Financial neutral – We help both spouses collaboratively problem-solve their financial issues; this includes evaluating and understanding financial information so you can make informed decisions for yourselves and your children.

  • One-party support – If you prefer one-party support, we provide a view of various settlement options and help you chart the course that best meets life and financial goals. We can bring real facts and numbers to the table to clarify any gray areas in the settlement process.

  • Divorce aftercare – Once the settlement is in place, we work with clients to help them get back on their financial feet as quickly as possible.

AJW is known for creating a clear and sensible plan in partnership with your chosen legal counsel and other professionals such as accountants, child specialists and mental health professionals. Clients with a lot of financial knowledge or just a little find our style equally insightful. We offer our experience to share concerns, address conflicts and find solutions that feel right. You’ll grow in knowledge, strength and confidence for what’s next.

You’ve already taken one courageous step. Explore the many resources of AJW to go forward with support. Get to know us with a free, no-obligation conversation and see what’s possible.