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Value of a Team 

Your financial life is complicated, but it can also be a source of freedom and strength for you. That’s the goal of our team. At AJW, we put together a team that manages your money down to the details and provides you with the knowledge to help you make the appropriate choices for your life.

In addition to financial planners, we’ve assembled a team with a broad base of experience in accounting, operations, research, technology and problem solving. The team approach allows us to specialize, share knowledge and respond quickly. We have more eyes to pay attention to changes and opportunities that affect your portfolio and to shifts in your goals.

We’re skilled with the numbers, and we’re just as good at connecting to our clients. With us, you can expect a high level of attention. Our team is the right size so that we have someone available when you have questions, but we’re not so big that we’ve become impersonal. As your life changes, our team is there with you to expand your financial strategy and give you a clear view of the territory ahead.